Back-end Developer

Full Time
Padova, Italy

For our R&D team that deals with the development of custom integration and automation software platforms and ‘middleware’, we are looking for a Back-end Developer who will be responsible for the backend development of Cloud platforms for the centralized management of network and security services (Firewall, VPN, Web Content Filtering, DPI, Traffic Shaping, Authentication).

Required Skills

  • Good knowledge of Java and Spring Cloud
  • Knowledge of the Linux operating system
  • Knowledge of Microservices and Kubernetes architectures
  • Knowledge of SQL and/or NoSQL databases



  • Kubernetes
  • MySQL
  • OpenSource
  • Fluentd
  • Kafka
  • Prometheus
  • Dockers
  • VictoriaMetrics


Preferred requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in information engineering – three years
  • Fair knowledge of written and spoken English
  • Knowledge of the Python or Golang language


What do we offer?

  • Customized training courses
  • Welcome kit with numerous gadgets
  • Free coffee
  • Meal vouchers
  • Healthcare
  • Corporate welfare bonuses

We want to meet a curious person with excellent organizational skills. Teamwork and sharing company and team goals are a fundamental part of the integration of a Nethiver. We want the same person to have the opportunity to develop ideas and solutions and to be aware of their own value within the company.

We are looking forward to meeting a person who enjoys sharing informal moments with other Nethivers outside of pure working time, who wants to participate in team-building events and….who wants to play good table football during breaks!

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