Our Services

We are a Managed Security Service Provider with the goal of providing our customers with full awareness of their risk status and visibility into the actions necessary to abate it.

Managed XDR
Vulnerability Management
Security Threat Intelligence
Event Incident Change Management
Secure Life Cycle Device Management
Proactive Monitoring
Onsite Fault Management
Security Policy Consulting
Cybersecurity Gap Assessment
Network & Security Assessment
Security Awareness Training
SOC Build
and Staff Augmentation
Our Specialists
Security Events
Manged Devices

Our services

Our services are designed to provide you with complete visibility of your risk status and offer you the best solutions to mitigate cyber risk.



We assess the level of Cyber Risk within organizations and identify areas with technological and organizational gaps that need to be addressed and resolved.

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Security Operation

We manage cybersecurity solutions to detect and respond to security events and incidents, provide decision-making tools to prioritize interventions, and support companies in remediation activities.


Technology Maintenance

We maintain organizations' technologies, ensuring the highest level of availability and security of the entire technological infrastructure.

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NS - SOC We manage your technologies

The Network Security Operation Center is capable of delivering all services related to the management of network and security infrastructures of our clients.

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Reliability and security in support of your Business

We maintain our customers' technologies, continuously analyze security events and incidents, contributing to the improvement of the security profile of organizations.

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CY - SOC CY - SOC We mitigate Cyber Risk

The HiveSOC constitutes a unified point, responsible for coordinating resources, implementing technologies, and applying processes related to the security of organizations.

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