R&D Team

Thanks to our talented Research and Development team, we build software platforms and develop custom integration and automation middleware.

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Hiveflow screen in a laptop
Hiveflow screen in a laptop
Connected Devices
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We make your business more “agile”

We believe in innovation and in the need to implement solutions that accelerate our clients’ business. This is we have adopted the “agile” methodology that allows us to respond to our clients’ needs for change.

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Keyword: collaboration

Collaborating with the Network&Security engineers team is crucial for us: it allows us to speed up the build, the test and the release phases of our products, with frequent releases of new versions that are increasingly secure, reliable and progressive.

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Powered by Nethive

Our softwares “Powered by Nethive” are results of the combination of many skills, experiences and the passion in what we do.

Innovation and Automation

We respond to our customers’ need with innovative products, we make processes repeatable, automated and secure, we let the human being focus on the areas where intelligence is most valuable.

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Since January 2023, Xech has become part of our team. The collaboration with this company has allowed us to expand our software offerings, elevate our skills, and develop cutting-edge solutions for the entire international landscape.

Our Products

Thanks to our talented R&D team, we build software platforms and develop custom integration and automation middleware.

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Hiveflow for Business & Consumer
HiveFlow is our agentless solution for the governance and the protection of all devices in the corporate and family network.
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Socialhive is our wifi guest hotspot that allows you to implement an easy and straightforward solution for managing access to your company’s wireless network.
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Auralyze is the cloud cyber security monitoring portal that allows you to monitor and have maximum control of your company’s security perimeter at all times.
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HivePortal is our web portal that allows you to manage your contracts, constantly monitor the status of your IT infrastructure, and have a direct and dedicated link to our HiveSOC.